Project Management

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What is Project Management?

Project Management is a structured, methodological as well as flexible approach with the purpose to manage the project in an optimal way achieving prefixed Clients’ goals regarding time, costs and quality.

The correct application of Project management allows the right and promptly circulation flow of information within the Project’s Team to both the Client and External Authorities and other Parties.

The involvement of Project Management allows the Team to match up with appropriate global and more specific detailed objectives, keeping them under continuous control and monitoring.

For each specific investment requested, the Project Management Team checks the accuracy and promptness of the needed procedures.

GSP Italia Project Management Team puts its in-depth knowhow and long standing experience in complex construction and building projects at the Client’s disposal. In this way GSP Italia enables the Client to be focused on its’ own core-business and stay truly effective without constant distractions of small, non-strategical project related details. Actually it regularly happens that the Client assigns GSP Italia as its’ first point of contact and spokesperson in the Project.

Why do you need Project Management?

Unfortunately, projects that don’t meet the established targets aren’t so rare. Others achieve the cost goals, but miss the prefixed quality objectives. Some projects respect the defined quality goals, but get delivered with significant and costly delay.

And, considering the complexity of most projects, the number and heterogeneous character of the players involved, the quantity of unpredictable or difficult to influence circumstances mixed with the challenging objectives, it is not that strange that projects don’t meet their goals.

Issues within the Project’s Team, substantial lacks in the share of information, absent alignment between project goals, timing and costs, can also undermine the success of the Project.

Involving GSP Italia Project Management Team in an early stage of the Project will facilitate the success of the Project. Indeed GSP Italia will help the Client to have, already on forehand, a clear and verifiable idea about a significant part of those potential critical points.

Project Management Executive Procedures

During the preliminary stage of the Project, the purpose is to support the Client to define targets and priorities. In this phase, it is essential to create and provide an appropriate General Working Programme and develop the Project’s initial budget.

The General Working Programme is the starting point for a Detailed Schedule which contains and explains each macro phase of the complete Project. The Detailed Schedule is the point of reference for all players involved in the Project. GSP Italia will coordinate the regular update of the Detailed Schedule which also forms the baseline for monitoring the entire process.

The initial budget will be the reference for the Cost Control along the whole project and construction phases. GSP Italia will monitor the initial budget during all the phases and the budget will reflect the real time and up to date situation.

GSP Italia can also support the Client with the definition of the Project’s Cash Flow. In this way provisional sums will be properly managed and applied with the purpose of checking any potential and unforeseen costs.

In Summary

GSP Italia provides its’ Customers with high-added-value service, sharing its in-depth know-how and long standing experience in the application of Project Management to complex building projects and related activities.