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GSP Italia is a multidisciplinary company specialized in Project Management, Engineering and Architecture, with strong skills in managing and developing real estate projects, working for clients nationally and internationally.

GSP Italia was founded in 2003 by Partners with longstanding experience in international engineering companies, with the aim of offering Project Management, Engineering and Architecture services, through a smart and integrated approach in order to:

Marco Schiavi
Marco SchiaviArchitect
My main focus is project and construction management, cost management and team coordination. Following my technical studies I worked for 15 years in an international engineering company, acquiring knowledge of design and construction development from different points of view. In 2003 I was one of the co-founders of GSP Italia, with the ambition to provide structured and methodological, flexible and friendly customer service.
Enrico Caglio
Enrico CaglioArchitect
I over-see projects and construction on-site, following our proven project management methodology. I consider coordinated and shared design the most appropriate approach to respond to customer queries. I started my career in professional studios and later moved to an international engineering company where I first faced the challenges of integrated multidisciplinary design and management within complex projects. In December 2004 I became Partner of GSP Italia.
Andrea Radeglia
Andrea RadegliaArchitect
I carry out multidisciplinary and international projects, where I assume the role of Project and Construction Manager. In December 2008, I joined GSP Italia as Partner, having previously worked for 15 years in an international engineering company as Project Manager, developing strong skills in the management of complex projects for international clients including construction management and cost control.
The GSP Italia Team
The GSP Italia Team
The team is composed of professionals and project managers with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, a balanced work environment to ensure professionalism and dynamism. Our structure is composed primarily of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, over four departments: technical, project management, health & safety, and building construction. GSP Italia emphasise collaboration, both within the internal project team and during the course of liaison with the client.